2022 Libra Coin Outlook: What does the future hold?

Libra coin is on its path to make history. We will soon become the first crypto project to launch our own dedicated e-commerce marketplace that is completely based on decentralized blockchain technology and powered by our very own Libra Coin digital payment system.

The Libra e-commerce marketplace will be a first-of-its-kind digital, decentralized e-commerce platform where anyone in the world can buy and sell products with complete freedom and privacy. The Libra marketplace will be fully powered by cryptocurrencies, i.e. users will be able to pay in Libra coin for their shopping orders to their favorite merchants and brands listed on the Libra platform.

What is the Libra marketplace and ecosystem?

The Libra marketplace is an all-inclusive digital shopping store based on blockchain, i.e. the marketplace is entirely powered by blockchain technology and controlled by its users. Merchants (sellers) and consumers (buyers) can seamlessly trade daily essentials and a variety of products/services directly with each other with convenient and fast payments using the Libra coin payment system.

It’s like your traditional e-commerce store, but with blockchain capabilities of high security, immutability, privacy and consensus. By removing centralized control and the need of middlemen for product supply, delivery and payments, Libra will make the e-commerce system more transparent and secure for every one and grant complete control in the hands of users.

Furthermore, the Libra coin digital payment system will be available in API form to readily integrate into any existing e-commerce or physical retail system to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Besides the marketplace, the Libra ecosystem encompasses a range of next-gen financial products, including the Libra Pay (mobile app/wallet for on the go payments), Libra Exchange (for in-wallet fiat to crypto swap), Libra ATM, Libra Card, PoS, and other upcoming products.

When will the Libra e-commerce marketplace launch?

As they say, all good things take time. The Libra e-commerce marketplace is currently under development and is expected to be launched in this year (2022). The team is working hard on developing an e-commerce platform none like any of the existing systems. It will not only have many advanced features like the blockchain security and cryptocurrency payments but will also enable people to have complete privacy and transact peer to peer in a decentralized manner.

The Libra coin as a standalone digital payment system can be used by any individual, business or merchant for making/accepting payments globally. This is a BEP20 token based on the Binance blockchain, which makes it very secure, fast and user-friendly. The Libra coin can be used for digital payments as well as it can be traded on top exchanges including XT.com.

What to expect next (in 2022 and beyond)?

The new year is going to be awesome for the Libra platform and the Libra coin investors. The developers are working on and will soon launch many new exciting things, including the Libra Pay mobile wallet and the Libra Exchange. All this will help boost the market trend, demand and value of the Libra coin and enable investors to get the best returns from their investment and trust in the Libra coin.

If you haven’t already, buy your Libra coin today from XT.com




A Comprehensive Blockchain Payment System for E-commerce Businesses.

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Libra Ecosystem

Libra Ecosystem

A Comprehensive Blockchain Payment System for E-commerce Businesses.

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