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4 min readJun 2, 2021


Welcome back, Librarians

We’re pleased to announce our new events for Libra community supporters. Here’s something new for our Librarians to participate and earn rewards. At Libra, we’re going to start two new campaigns from today 1st June.The generous feedback from earlier AMA run has also helped us lot to get feedback and suggestions from community and make it even better. We elicit our sincere gratitude to you and ready to go. So we have got good news for community.


Libra quiz competition is a weekly competition where everyone can participate and we’ll choose one lucky winner at the end of the every week until the end of the event.

☑️ Note:-

•This Contest will run from June1, 4:30 AM GMT — June 30, 4:30 AM GMT

• Winner will be choosen based on the maximum correct answer and lucky one every week.

• We’ll announce winner every Monday for the previous week and winner will be rewarded surprisely with the amount $20–40$ (Randomly Amount) within 3 days from announcement. Reward amount might be change every week.


Here’s what Libra introducing another one Event for the community. We eagerly looking for new people to join us and support. In order to support them Libra has opened brand new Invitation program officialy for everyone. To make this campaign more fidelity and legit people to join us and win the reward, we at Libra decided to make this competition more legitimate by monitoring all the referral through bot and their online activity like last seen and responses in our community. Follow the instructions to complete the tasks one by one to qualify for the Libra Invitation Program.


•This Contest will run from June1, 4:30 AM GMT — June 30, 4:30 AM GMT, Every Weekly basis from Monday to Saturday.

• Who will referal more real Crypto friends he/she will be get reward 50$

  • We will pin a Google form. You have to enter your referral telegram username on daily basis in the form between 8 PM-11PM IST everyday ( 3 hours)

👉[Form link-]👈

• If anyone use the form several times in a day then he/she will be restricted, If Users need then he/ she can be use this form on next day when form will open.

• Invite your real and active crypto friends to join our community! and top referrals get 50$ every week until the event end.

• Keep our community clean invite only real Crypto people.

Auditing period for both the campaign will be on every Sunday and the event will run from Monday to Saturday every week. Winner will be choosen and announce Monday. For Invitation Program those who invite Saturday after form submission will be counted as next week referral, this will create more fairness in our Invitation Program.

Things You Need to Know About Libra Ongoing Events

Venue: Libra Telegram Group

1. Every participants must join our official telegram community and channel
👉TG Community-
👉TG channel-

2. Reward amount will only be credited after several manual verification and only to legit participants.

3. Libra reserves the rights to change the campaign rules and guidelines anytime and may discontinue the campaign without further notice.

4. If anyone found with any kind of cheat or duplicate submission or using clone account to answer Quiz questions or generating own referral in Invitation Program may suspended from future events and his/her reward will be terminated and we’ll choose another participant randomly.

In the end we’ll thanks everyone for your tremendous support and keep your faith, we wish you all the best to all newcomers and happy earnings. We are hoping for your future support, believe Libra and we’ll grow together for sure.


Libra official Social Media Handles:

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:

Happy Earnings Everyone,
Team Libra Ecosystem



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