LC is now in Binance Smart Chain, LC(BEP20) Swap Guide


LibraEcosystem is glad to inform our community that LC is successfully migrated into BSC Network.

Hooray! We’re now BEP20

After Integration with Binance based Blockchain we are happy to share the exciting information with you, Libra is successfully migrated its blockchain from Ethereum Based ERC20 to Binance Based BEP20. By seeing the user’s demand and constant rising in ETH Price increased Gas Fee significantly for ERC20 Transactions via Ethereum Blockchain. We at Libra always care our users and make everything comfortable eventually, so after several proposal we finally decided to migrate into BSC and we did it. Now we’re BEP20 under Binance Based Blockchain network called BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Your comprehensive support and patience make all these things possible, we truly appreciate your continued support towards Libra.

We are also happy to share our Contract address and Libra Coin (LC) details to add as custom token in any BEP20 wallet or ERC20 (eg. Trust wallet, MetaMask etc.)

Contract Address- 0xc2BE72D5E58FD9f001B91c28D596c2A7E3fB018b

Name- Libra

Decimal- 18

Symbol/Ticker- LC

As we’re in Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20) now you can check Contract Address and all Token details by visiting BSC scan.

To Track/View transactions record click below link.

BSC Scan:

Note:- If you’re using any ERC20 wallet like metamask you have to enter details as shown below to make it BEP20 compatible wallet instead ERC20.

Refer this below Picture to add BEP20 as Custom RPC

In MetaMask click on network and then choose custom RPC to add Smart Chain for BEP20 Transactions

In order to make your metamask wallet BEP20 compatible and transactions of any BEP20 currency you must add Smart chain as network through above details using Custom RPC.


As Your Favourite Libra Coin (LC) is now in Binance Smart Chain so now more hassle free and faster transactions with insignificant fee. You are now able to initiate any transactions or make any transfer from one Wallet to another with very minimal fee, BEP20 is comparatively charging less fee and processing any transaction within Few seconds to maximum few minutes literally faster than Ethereum blockchain.

Most of the questions coming from our Libra supporters is how to Swap LC(ERC20) to LC(BEP20)

No more frustration. We’re all done and our LibraEcosystem Dashboard is now updated to new one and ready to initiate your swap. You can now start swaping by few simple clicks. We have also made it easy for everyone so that you can Swap easily without any difficulty by seeing the Guide video.

To Swap your LC ERC20 to BEP20 first register in our official website and create an account, if you have already an account login first then follow our guide video.

To Sign up/Login in Libraecosystem visit here:

Follow our Guide video from here:

Connect with us: | Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook |




A Comprehensive Blockchain Payment System for E-commerce Businesses.

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Libra Ecosystem

Libra Ecosystem

A Comprehensive Blockchain Payment System for E-commerce Businesses.

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