Listing Announcement And Libra Airdrop


The long waiting period is over and Libra is finally going to list in an Global Exchange, trading volume is more than 50k BTC in 24hrs. We’re more than happy to announce that LC is going to List in Exchange on Tuesday 20th July 2021. Stay tuned with us and Check our official Announcement, Social Media channels for updates. We’ll keep you updated on coming days including more Exchanges listing announcement.

Get ready to see LC into New CEX. You asked and we heard, get ready for Trading. You’ll be able to Trade LC in LC/USDT pair from Day 1 of listing. More information on Deposit/Withdrawal and trading will be announced in due course of time prior Listing.

More about Pricing. Everyone is thinking about price of LC in exchange. We’re also expecting $0.50 opening price at exchange, first day of listing which is more than our ICO price($0.35). We at Libra always hear what our users demand for and also introduce it sooner or later. To get more users on our platform and introducing more great products to our users we have more than 1 product standing in line to launch one after another. Our own Dex(Decentralised Exchange) LC Pay Wallet(DMT) and E-commerce Platform which will utilise LC more in our whole Ecosystem and will help to increase the Price more, this is what makes us more stronger than any other available in Market. We believe LC will rise upon listing and our Products will help to increase the value of LC much more even you are expecting.

More on Listing. We’re also negotiating with many more International Exchanges including India’s Leading Exchange. We’ll soon list LC in Indian exchanges as well as more Global exchange. We are pretty sure you’ll be able to Trade LC in an Indian exchange soon.


🥳 To celebrate the upcoming Listing and encourage more users we are thrilled to announce Airdrop for Libra supporters. LIBRA ECOSYSTEM has officially announcing the beginning of the Airdrop Campaign to the community and all interested persons will have to complete the required Tasks to be able to get Free LC tokens for each participant.

🤑 Reward 30 LC ~ 15$ for perform the mandatory tasks. You can also get 20 LC ~10$ extra for Optional Task

📅 Starting from July 1st — July 18th

📍 HOW TO PARTICIPATE: To participate, you must complete the tasks listed below!

⭐️ Join Telegram group & Channel (5LC)

⭐️Follow us on Medium(5LC)

⭐️Follow us on Twitter (5LC)

⭐️Follow us on Facebook (5LC)

⭐️ Retweet the Post and Tag one Crypto influencer you mostly know (5LC)- (Retweet and Tag Our recent Airdrop Tweet from Twitter)

⭐️ Like and Share FB post and also tag one Crypto Friend or group or professional Crypto Page (5LC)- (LIKE, share also tag Our recent Airdrop Post in FB)

🗣️ Invite only one real Crypto friend to libra Telegram group (Optional ) — 20LC

🟧After Completing all the Tasks Fill this Form :


1) Participants Get Rewards on the basis of First Come, First Served

2)You must be active in our Telegram group and Invite only one real Crypto friend to our Telegram group.

3) If you participate in optional tasks in order to get reward for the optional task you must be Active as well as your friend. We’ll monitor activity before reward distribution.

4) You can increase your reward by referring one Real Crypto friend here.

5) If you completed tag in twitter then no need tagging in FB. You must perform tagging task either FB or Twitter (Any One)

📙 NOTE :

✔️ Airdrop activities will run from July 1st 9:00PM ~July 18th 9PM (UTC)

✔️ You will not be able to receive airdrop tokens if you do not complete the mandatory tasks correctly.

✔️ Only one account per user! All duplicates and suspiciously similar accounts will be deleted.

✔️ The Airdrop rewards will be distributed directly to participant’s LC wallet addresses in LibraEcosystem

✔️ You have to create an account in LibraEcosystem to get reward. If already have an account then enter your registered email if not create one from here:

“LIBRA Airdrop” Promotion Program

We’re also announcing promotional program package $15k worth of LC for all promoters including SM and YouTube

👨‍💼I’m a professional Promoter what should I do?

Hurray! that’s really a great opportunity for you to promote Libra where you have heavy crowd. If you’re professional Promoter then make a video and topic must be related to our ongoing Airdrop including small Review. Also you can make post for our airdrop then post it in your social media

Video Duration — 2 Minutes Minimum

👉Reward amount and Criteria For Promotion:-

> YouTube ($5000~LC) : User must have 1k subscribers and 500+ views on the Promotional video.

> Facebook ($3000~LC) : Your Promotional post must have minimum 50+ likes and shares

> Twitter ( $3000~LC) : Your Promotional post must have 50+ likes and retweets

> Instagram ($2000~LC) : Your Promotional post must have minimum 50+ likes

> Whatsapp Local group ($2000~LC) : Group must have 50+ members (If you’re promoting in Whatsapp then contact our admin for verification)

🟧 After Completing all the Tasks Fill this Form:

Note: ✔️ Promotion activities will run from July 1st 9:00PM ~July 15th 9PM (UTC)

✔️ The above Reward amounts are for respective Promotional Platforms and will be distributed among the participants we get from that particular promotional platform.

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